"Photography is my joy, my instant fulfillment of creativity, my memory and source of my many paintings." -Judith Barath


For anyone with a passion for traveling, photography comes not as a hobby, but as an instinct. Mix that instinct with innate creativity and an artistic imagination, and you can expect photographic marvels that truly reflect the beautiful side of the world that we generally tend to overlook.
Judith Barath is an Oak Brook photographer and artist who believes that beauty is a thing to be shared and cherished. She wants people to explore the world through an artist’s perspective, to see the beauty hidden behind the hues and texture of landscapes, and the ingenuity behind concrete and metal marvels.
In the recent years, Judith has traveled extensively around the world, and photography has become an important part of her life. In contrast to oil paintings and prints, photography is a medium where artist can capture a moment or scene then and there. Therefore, photographs tend to have a deeper place in their hearts. For Judith, her artistic photography is an essential aspect of who she is.
Her online art gallery is where you can find her complete collection of travel photography albums and her experimentations with B&W and monochrome photography.

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  Thiland O'Hare Underpass Dali Museum Staircase

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Inkjet prints of photography are available to order online through the website. For wall art prints and prints on items look for "See Available Products" under images.  

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