Judith Barath, the oil painting artist from Oak Brook, a suburb of Chicago, is known for creating a niche in contemporary art, photography and modern digital artwork. However, her heart lies in a medium that is versatile enough to accommodate both traditional and contemporary art – oil painting.

Oil painting is one of the most cunning and complicated styles of depiction in visual art. Every picture has a long story behind it with several steps and levels of turning from tubes of oil and canvas into a landscape or garden painting. Here you can find different subjects of oil paintings on canvas for sale.

Inspired by nature and the beauty of our world, Judith created oil painting masterpieces that can add character to your wall. She likes to work on various themes, mostly floral oil paintings and figurative art. Her art pieces have a unique character that can add personality to any space.

Judith Barath’s oil painting collections are not only the pictures of different themes but the whole stories narrated on the canvas.
This website is where you will discover and explore art paintings that are for sale. Take a look at the entire collection and appreciate Judith’s gift.

Floral Oil Paintings Garden Oil Paintings Landscape Oil Paintings
Withering Sunflowers Neighbour Garden Sicily Landscape


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