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How to Make Your Website Visible? | Setting Goals for 2015

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SEO Marketing AngelIf you are an artist and own a website, you might be wondering how to make your website visible in 2015. Yes, the prospect of making your website visible can be both annoying and legitimate at the same time. However, the moment, you browse Google to search "How to make your website visible for Search Engines,” you will come across a plethora of feasible ways to increase your visibility, and this is when you’ll realize it’s time to be serious about the topic.
Alternatively, if you decide to consult expert SEO gurus to find out what they recommend you to do to match pace with the competition, you will realize that they are a tad too expensive than the options you got from Google. Lately, I heard that it costs around $500 - $3000 per month, when a small company seeks to invest in obtaining SEO services for its website. On top of that, these SEO services have to be purchased for a minimum time period of six months in order for customers to realize their outcomes. It appears that increasing visibility through SEO services is not as financially viable after all!

So, if I really want to sell my original oil paintings and photography prints through my website, how can I make use of the Internet, which is the wonder of the new era? Some people begin to write numerous articles making use of the right keywords and metawords, some do what the experts tell them that in order to bring customer traffic to their website they need to get many "back links,” and there are others who regard these methods as outdated and ineffective. If you are just an amateur at internet marketing like me, and simply desire to promote and sell your art through it, what can you do?

Do you get the hang of life in the online world? Certainly, you too want to step onto the bandwagon of internet marketing and there are quite a few reasons to do so. Have you absolutely made it your number one priority? Let’s take a look at this from a distinct perspective; assume that you just want to do the best for your business and that’s why you are diving head-on into marketing material. There is tons of useful, free reading material available on the web teaching the basics of marketing, and you might as well indulge into it. With time, you might gain valuable ideas to enhance your brand image, and learn about leveraging your presence on the various social media platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Fan Page, and Google Plus. Nonetheless, if you are a bit older, the internet will require extra efforts and hard work from your side to enable you to set accounts on different social media networks.

Everything will work out if you have a goal to boost your online visibility. But remember, getting a good number of visitors is not going to do the trick as spammers can find you really fast, so you need to tackle with the security issues additionally.

You might be disappointed that you put in a lot of efforts, but nobody cares about your fabulous creations. At this point, you need to buckle up to face the challenge, and not give up at any cost. A few days back, I heard from an expert that artists usually complain that their paintings are equally wonderful or even better than the ones hanging in art galleries. He stated that while that’s true, it’s because the other artists actually made the efforts to get their paintings to the art galleries for everyone to see them. I guess, he’s right.

The question that arises is how to balance the amount of marketing efforts required getting “out there” into the art gallery with the marketing budget available at hand. This is a critical decision at this point. And, would those efforts and investments be even worth it at the end?
Can you imagine people sitting at home, spending their precious time writing blogs and keywords to get noticed on the web? I imagine meta tags and keyword clouds, flying with the wind above houses, and people walking on the street surrounded by them. Indeed internet marketing is an epidemic. Shouldn’t writing be just for fun and for finding people to whom we can connect and socialize with? Unfortunately, we too will have to follow the strange and ever changing rules of online marketing that seem to take away all the fun out of the internet.

Anyhow, most of the time I feel like whatever I do is just a drop in the ocean as compared to the tons of people indulging in online marketing activities. My shelves still carry folders of traditional marketing materials. The chances of reaping results from online marketing are getting narrower with the amount of increasing online clutter. Marketers say that you get only three responses for every thousand ads sent out by advertisers. Hence, it’s understandable that the trashcan is overflowing with unwanted advertisements. Times have changed, and now the email inbox is full of unwanted advertisements as well, as emails are being used to target customers, but the best thing about that is there are options to block spam mails. The dark side is that so many people are focusing on internet marketing, that the chances of getting noticed are quite narrow. Undeniably, there are days when I get so depressed, and feel like giving up on online marketing to just paint or travel and enjoy in the process. However, maybe it is not so depressing after all!

There are days, when I dig into the learning materials again to get hold of the magic tool to achieve a higher Google ranking. I hear myself saying: I should work hard and follow the SEO experts’ advice. Doesn’t matter whatever I think of it, if this is the way to connect to people nowadays, I want to be part of it. It is really rewarding to hear from people all around the world! It is mesmerizing to me what the Internet can offer, yet the challenge is too big and seems unrealistic at times.

I talk to my father every day. He spent most of his life providing for his family and started to paint after he retired at the age of 62. My father learnt how to use a computer when he was 78. He never wanted to be famous and didn’t even think about exhibiting his work. He just enjoyed the creative process of painting, which was what he had wanted to do all his life; that was truly meaningful for him. Today he is 92 years young, and last year, after suffering from the tragic death of my mother, whom he loved dearly, life unexpectedly gave him what many artists crave for: exhibition, acknowledgment, and appreciation of the community where he lives, and even some media explosion. He was left humbled by that success and encouraged to paint more. This year, as of 7th January, 2015, he started working on his fifth painting.

Maybe things should happen naturally to be able to enjoy life after retirement. 
My father makes me think about values, life, dedication, and inner drive every day. He never learned about SEO and SMO, yet he is more than content with what he has achieved.

Should I be really so concerned about getting ranked on the first page of Google? I am asking you! Where is this world heading? Many things I experimented with didn't bring enough improvement. My family complains all the time, while others question if online marketing is really worth it for me.

I constantly question myself if I am a dreamer or is what I am doing just not enough. Then I think, too much technicality can backfire too.

Calming myself down, I decided to begin my New Year with honest thoughts and a promise to be myself. Maybe I will try as the Eagles sing: "take it to the limit one more time” the way I enjoy painting and have the spare energy to sing aloud with them while I paint. Our goals must definitely fit our real values and needs.

Let's plan a "no pain no gain" but real fun New Year of 2015!  SingEaglesOften! SeeMeOften!

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    This website is amazing. I will tell about it to my friends and anybody that could be interested in this subject. Great work guys!

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    Almost every day most of the time browsing these pages, but I am very happy, I can learn a lot of things

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  • Comment Link Alyson Stanfield Monday, 12 January 2015 17:52 posted by Alyson Stanfield

    You've covered a lot of ground here, Judith.

    As you probably know, I don't believe in spending a lot of time on ninja tricks like getting on page 1 of Google. (Though if your site doesn't come up for your name, you should probably fix that.)

    I believe in relationship marketing and in building a career exhibition by exhibition and connection by connection. The Web helps, but the reputation is much more powerful and long-lasting.

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