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The Gift of a Winter Storm

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Winter sceneryToday the snow finally started to melt around our house after an unusually long and cold winter. Just two days ago yet another storm hit – hopefully the last one of the season – and everything was once again covered with heavy snow. When I woke up early in the morning, the trees were dressed in white with inches of snow on every branch and little twig. How could this be in the middle of March? And yet it was beautiful. At first I was not sure if I should celebrate the beauty I saw, or bemoan more winter weather and more snow plowing. But, as the sun began to shine, the sky turned a bright blue and the trees appeared a more blinding white, I simply surrendered to the breathtaking scenery.

As soon as I started clicking one image after another my spirits just kept soaring. As a photographer I search for beauty hidden in the tiniest of details. Every click made me realize what a perfect subject a snowy landscape is, both for color and black and white photography. The low angle of the sun makes everything in the landscape look a hundred times better. It adds depth to the picture, it enhances its meanings, it delineates the objects in the foreground highlighting even the smallest of details and revealing the contours of the land.

Life always offers signs of hope if you just pay attention. The past winter season was indeed a dark, cold, hopeless, long hibernation for me. Maybe with that last storm and its dazzling farewell to the winter, nature wanted to inject hope. That winter scene was not only enriching my photography collection, but it was also enlightening my spirit. With this newborn hope in my heart, I say goodbye to my mother who passed away this winter. I am sure her love of nature and her unbeatable optimism would want me to look forward to the next season and watch for the next signs of hope it brings.

Black & White Winter Landscape Photo Album

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