Digital tools and software have turned the process of creating and modifying images into a matter of few clicks. Yet, not every image created using the calculated vectors can be categorized as art. Digital art is an immaculate amalgamation of the modern technology and the deep understanding of traditional values and concept of art. Add a generous layer of gifted creativity, and you can create digital artwork that is nothing short of masterpieces. Such are the pieces you will find here in the online gallery of Judith Barath’s digital art.

Judith is an artist who believes that embracing and experimenting with new techniques and mediums is necessary for evolution, as well as enhancement of art as we know it. The possibilities offered by digital media excited her since its earliest time. To her, the possibilities it present are almost magical and truly stimulating for creative senses.

Her dedication to digital art is apparent in her online art galleries that follow. These categorized albums reflect that by showcasing several levels of integration of the electronic media ranging from hand drawn looking artwork and purely computer generated fractal elements combined with art enhancing tools to artistically enhanced photography.

Explore Variations of Artistic Digital Visual Art Collections Trough Energetic, Sensitively Imaginative, Creative Artworks with Layers of Subdued Sensuality!

Original Digital Art Digitally Modified Art Botanical Digital Art
Rosy Aquarius Yellow Cala


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