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Today's Palette Knife Painting | "Red Vase Among Fabrics"

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Red Vase Among Fabrics bToday I felt like painting with a palette knife. While I really enjoy spending longer time on a painting and describing details with small strokes; lately, I have found myself holding a #2 brush too frequently. Although oil paint is very forgiving, as you can apply layer after layer of colors, without making your painting look overworked; you really have to control yourself in order to avoid overdoing it. Mainly, keeping your painting looking fresh and alive is very important.

Painting with a palette knife, also called spatula painting technique is a very different technique than working with regular brushes. When I apply this technique, I can paint much faster. Palette knife oil paintings look more spontaneous and the purity of colors is beautiful. The strokes are bolder and the texture of the paint on the canvas is much more visible than a regular painting. This is because; the color intensity is brighter and more vibrant in oil paints. I can apply thick layers of paint on top of each other and can blend it – whether it’s mixing or not, with the lower layer. Even if the mixing is unintentional; it still ends up looking great. If I am “in the zone” of creative energy, the puddles of different colors come alive as I move and mix them on the surface with the palette knife. The experience is so gratifying. Although, it doesn’t always happen the way I want it to; but the technique is flexible enough to make changes. To keep strokes fresh and to make sure that the edges look interesting and fall at the right place; I occasionally flip the canvas upside down during my work.
Sometimes, I feel that working with a palette knife creates harsh edges, which is not suitable for every subject, but overall, I like the contemporary and abstract-like feel more. With it, I am forced to concentrate on the whole image, instead of losing myself in the details; although paying attention to how the strokes suggest the shapes, rather than the drawing itself, is an important thing to consider as well. This technique works best when I am creating floral oil paintings, landscapes and even still life paintings.
Today, I couldn't complete the painting; because I wanted to see how I could improve it. Taking a photo of the painting and experimenting with different colors in Photoshop helped me to see where the changes were necessary. Digital arrangements are so handy in creating the right piece of art. Additionally, I started to play with the filters and also smoothed out edges with an oil paint tool. Suddenly, this still life painting looked like a finished work, ready for display. I added it to one of my digital art album.
For the available products from that website it might be interesting (Phone Case, Metal Print, Acrylic Print, Canvas Print, Framed Print, Greeting Card, Throw Pillow) After I finish the original oil painting too, I post it in my Floral Oil Paintings Gallery.

Update: see the final oil painting: Red Vase Among Fabrics

Here are some close-ups of the painting. I think it is fun to see how abstract it gets. I might go to that direction next time.

Red Vase detail-1 

Red Vase detail-2

Red Vase detail-3

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