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Poem About Painting Nature

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Golden orange saturates the darkening air,

Clouds are showing up from nowhere.

Feel the breeze when you hold your brush,

Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre or Cobalt Rose

Transforms to autumn as you compose.

Feel the color on the flowers;

Find the tiny shades of petals, a whole rainbow in the greens;

The grace in withering weeds, and importance in unknown trees.

If the dark shade can talk to you, if you see the fall leaves can fly;

If the meadow is not just green, the little purple spot is the sky,

A tiny runner hugs a flower, it is real, not a struggle,

Flowers and hills, petals and trees, shades and reflections;

An array of excitement, an orchestra of hues and shapes;

Always offering bliss; your world in little shades.

The present of nature, a treasure to perceive!

But you have to turn the wind into shape;

Find the passion in the shade;

Light will dance than dressed in purple;

On a yellow dusty trail,

Where you might find harmony one day.


                                              (by Judith Barath)

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