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Paint From The Heart

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Music From the Heart bThe difference between great artists and the normal ones is that the former put their heart into their work and felt it before they set out to create. Now, this sounds all simple and easy, but when you get down to work and peek into your heart, you realize that it is filled with ideas.  The question here is: Should you experiment with all of them? This becomes particularly problematic if I take a hint from  my art teacher, who constantly reminded me that more is less and whoever tries to reach out for more, ends up getting less.
Although I didn’t follow his advice throughout my career, the reason for which I never quite understood myself, I have finally come to believe that he was right. I was committed to this theory when I was illustrating children’s books, as I had to stick to one style. However, I decided to challenge myself into computers and ended up creating fluid lines from dots to build "Odd Couples" and other similar pieces. I then ventured into oil painting, another challenging medium of expression, and took inspiration from natural sceneries to depict different lights and colors.  And my self-challenging journey did not end there! After Oil Painting I developed a special interest in Digital Photogrpahy, which became really technical with its constant software updates and learning requirements.
Having explained all this, I believe that it is very important to find that inner voice which guides you to create real masterpieces, and establish an identity of your own. It is a good idea to create a series of images with a cohesive style and niche. I believe this is the key to success and is crucial in adding to the commercial value of your work.
In a nutshell, I believe that once you start following your heart in whatever you do, everything will ultimately start falling in place. In my case, it’s my passion to experiment with various styles and interesting techniques, which helps me create  pieces that depict my identity and style. So, discover your own edge, stay honest to your goal, listen to the music of your heart and find your inner voice to let success take its course!

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Custom Art prints on iPad Cases

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iPad covers 2 iPad Cover 1       iPad Case 3

With the wide range of amazing features, iPads become more of a companion for people these days. You can manage your emails and carry it everywhere with you and stay connected to the world.
I purchased mine mainly to display artworks on it because the colors and convenient Internet connection make it a great portfolio tool.

Monday, 12 May 2014 00:00

Experimenting with Photoshop Plugins

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Spring has finally arrived in Midwest and it’s in full bloom. It is a month late then usual but it is worth the wait. The majestic charm of spring is more than enough to fuel my passion for photography. I don’t even have to leave my home to find beautiful objects, because the greens of revived trees and plants are breathtaking at spring around the house.
The Crab Apple Trees on the yard are so stunning and inviting that I took out my Nikon D3, and started capturing the trees, using a 70-200mm telefoto lens. The sunlight drifting through the leaves of maple tree offered me a prefect foreground with amazing contrasts and shapes. The Crab Apple Tree in the background covered with gorgeous white flowers looked nothing less than a mesmerizing Japanese painting.

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Reviving Old Flower | Photoshop Experiment

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Roses with Leaves  detailEverywhere I turn, I see grey; it is mid April now and still everything around me is drenched in shades of white and black. There is no sign of new leaves, not even a tiny sprout. I wonder when spring is going to arrive. I am running out of patience and I desperately want some flowers to bloom.
Nursing my gloomy mood, I try to cheer myself up by turning to the photographs of archived flowers. I started experimenting on them with Nik Software to breathe some digital black and white life in these old floral images.

Converting a colored photograph to a black and white image is pretty simple with Photoshop by making use of the channel mixture and adjustments for Black and White. Generally I end up using a variety of plugins to get more distinguishing results and apply a lot of steps during the process of transformation of an image. Silver Efex Pro 2 is now a favorite plugin.

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About Digital Art

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Digital art path blog

Ever since the advent of digital media, I always got excited at the thought of the different prospects it offered. It encompasses a magical power that incites and awakens the creativity lying dormant within every individual. When the numerous tools of electronic media are integrated, like enhancing hand drawn pieces of art with the help of remarkable software, they result in enchanting photographs captured and stored in these categorized albums.

Sometimes, the images I create all started out as simple drawings. Adobe Photoshop has provided infinite possibilities for different forms and elements, which I create using the software’s digital manipulation techniques.

Some digitally created pieces of art have part of the original image embedded with digitally enhanced content in the modern creation.

Digital Art Albums by Judith Barath