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Budapest Photographs

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Budapest bYou share an unbreakable bond with the place where you are born and no matter where you travel, that place is always going to be your home. We are so familiar with every corner of that place that we eventually start taking our surroundings for granted. It is like growing up in a garden, you will notice the flowers but you will not give them too much thought because they are always there for you.

I was born in Budapest and the same happened with me I guess. When my parents took me on walk on Buda Hills, I felt that they were too steep and all I could think about was the ice cream cone I will be getting at the end of it. Fisherman Bastion was my and my classmate’s favorite spot to play hide and seek, and although the view was always there and we saw the panorama, the game was more interesting than the beauty that surrounded us.

As I stepped into adulthood I finally started to grasp the enormity of my luck at being born in such a beautiful place. Everywhere I turned the beauty of the city captivated me. The gorgeous bridges over the majestic River Danube, the grand architectural monuments of Pest and the steep Buda hills are simply remarkable. You will learn to appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the buildings when you start walking with your eyes open and start observing the beauty that you find at every turn.

Ranked “The World’s Second best City” by Conde Nast, it is the capital and also the largest city in Hungary. Ranked the highest Eastern/Central European city on the index of Top 100 innovative cities, Budapest is also the “7th Most Idyllic Place to live in Europe” according to Forbes.

Budapest photo album

Panorama from my parents' window

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