Floral and modern impressionistic landscape paintingsJB in studo

Painting flowers and landscapes have always helped me relax. After retiring from my career as a graphic designer 12 year ago, I switched to oil paintings on canvas. After I got my own studio in 2004, my inspiration grew stronger. An observer and explorer of nature will see that nature has a lot to offer to someone who wants to explore. I feel the healing power of nature, and I want to reflect the same feeling and energy through my canvas. I just don’t want to blend colors and recreate the scene in front of me I want to capture the delight and optimism of my surroundings. I love using radiant and bold colors with descriptive strokes of brush to go beyond naturalism. I enjoy defining the compositional elements with string, expressive and curved strokes of brush with melting hues. With my paintings I want to give the viewer a peak into the actual feel of joy that I felt at the time. All my subjects, the landscape, the flowers, my travels, and the scenes around my home in Oak Brook are aimed at expressing beauty, simplicity and harmony that I witness in the nature around me.


PHOTOGRAPHY   JB photograph
Monochrome, travel and themed photography

Photography! I find joy in it and an instant feeling of creativity and fulfillment. My photographs have served as the source and memory of so many of my paintings. Over the years photography has been becoming increasingly important for me. I love capturing the fluctuations of lights and how it turns everything from boring to thrilling and how it turns even the most insignificant of object into things of great importance. Photography is not just about clicking; it is about observation, seeing beauty where others would find nothing of consequence. It is about finding peace in the surrounding and capturing the mood around you. For me, time flies and stops in the moment when I look at the world through my camera’s lens.


I call them "Digitized Emotions"JB digital

I try to incorporate the technicalities of electronic media in my digital artwork while maintaining the traditional integrity of fine arts. My aim is to get that perfect blend of nature and essential aspect of figures that would bring out the harmony in their textures and tones and give life to the emotions.  I basically use digital technology to fashion animated images of women and couples. Through these sensual and attractive figures I try to convey my personal understanding of the bond shared between woman and man and their constant struggle of finding peace and harmony in their life. With my flower images I intend to accomplish an eternal setting by trying to combine intense colors with fantasy and flowing lines to recreate the essence of the actual flower. Just like humans, flowers too evoke sensuality both in their blooming and writhing forms.