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Painting "California Coastline Wildflowers"

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Traveling with me on California Hwy 1 wouldn't be much fun for everybody.  I feel the urge to stop and take pictures at every vista and absorb the amazing aura of the views. This subject always excites me, so after elaborating in the cold Midwest weather of what would cheer me up, I have decided to paint this  60"x40" canvas, "California Coastline Wildflowers". The beauty of these bright colored wildflowers, the rhythm of the rugged sand formations with the calming turquoise waves flattening out on the sandy beach makes me feel like the liberation of all distress. Even if I am not the only artist who is touched by that scenery I feel a strong personal connection to that landscape. I hope to convey my enthusiasm with the finished painting.

  Judith paints

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The Exquisite Beauty of Garden Oil Paintings

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Four Seasons SummerEven though in the contemporary times, more and more people are flocking towards buying abstract art, garden oil paintings still hold its ground strong.

Whereas abstract expressionism can be explained as a fad, the timelessness of the beauty of garden oil paintings can’t be denied.

Let us take a look at the history of garden oil paintings and how they got to be one of the most powerful celebrations of nature, beauty, and expression.

The Advent of Garden Oil Paintings

The origins of garden paintings are yet unknown. However, examples of it are strewn across every culture, in every depiction.

Oriental art saw delicate paintings of gardens, cherry blossoms, and rivers purely as a decorative experience, with no deeper symbolic meaning attached to it. South Asian gardens dominantly express godly love, and are associated with the religion, Hinduism.

Lotus flower has immense importance in that culture. Coming towards western civilizations, French artists contributed heavily in the development of garden oil paintings after the gothic, baroque and rococo periods.

Notable Artist: Claude Monet

The discussion about garden oil paintings is incomplete without mentioning the legendary impressionist, Monet. His work is a rich collection of French gardens of Paris, Vetheuil, Poissy, and Giverny. He painted bridges of London and Japan as well.

He drew his inspiration from the likes of Manet and Renoir, and his stroke quality was delicate, yet pigmented with his depiction of nature. Monet’s work is not a naturalistic expression of what he saw. He deconstructed what was in front of him, and put in his own objective eye to create his masterpieces. Some of his masterpieces include Woman in a Garden, Springtime, and In the Garden.

Four Seasons in room

Contemporary Development

Contemporary development in the field of garden oil paintings has been steady. Though more artists are working in abstract art, artists such as Judith Barath understand the timelessness of garden oil paintings.

Her medium is usually oil on canvas when it comes to painting garden oil paintings. Her work is strongly influenced by abstract gardens as well. Her paintings are richly colored and bold in its impression. They can be easily hung in offices and home, increasing the sophistication of the ambiance.

Judith Barath is also skilled in photography and digital art. If you want to get your hands on one of the contemporary garden oil paintings, you can order your favorite piece from the website.


Scott3Beautiful art is aplenty. With artists providing her creations and oil paintings for sale to all who value the beauty of a good piece of art, many are taking advantage and using these works to make their homes more beautiful.

However, with so many beautiful choices, it can be difficult to choose just the right one when you can’t help but be so indecisive. But no worries, because we’re here to provide you with some nifty tips to help you choose the right artwork for your room.

Choosing Art for Your Home in 4 Easy Steps.

1. Select the Right Size

You’ve chosen your source of art and it indeed, looks promising. But before you go whipping out your checkbook, note down how big the artwork is in regards to your wall. The bolder the artwork is, the more room it will need to breathe. So try to make sure that the art isn’t too large that it would overwhelm its surroundings, but also make sure that it’s not too small that it would seem disproportionate. Measure the space where the art will hand and leave enough space around it.

2. Choose Artwork that Complements the Room

You cannot choose a modern work of art if your décor is Tuscan romantic. When choosing a painting, go for the color that dominates your room and look for a painting that will best balance the color out. You don’t need to have an exact match but it should at least be of the same color, if not the same hue so that the painting looks like it belongs with the room.

3. Match Art with Other Paintings

If you have other art in your room, or any works of art such as antiques or such, use that theme to match the style of your painting to that of the room. Or for example, if you have contemporary style furniture in your home with high ceilings, use large contemporary paintings that can be hung vertically to help elongate the look of the room.

4. Decorate Your Room According to the Painting

If you have your heart set on that garden oil painting, nothing should stop you from going ahead and buying it. But this might mean that you’d have to change the surroundings a bit to match that of the color scheme of the paintings.

Many a times, we end up choosing paintings that clash with their environment, so try making some changes around the room. You can go through our blogs to know how you can decorate your room to bring out the beauty of your art.

Judith Barath Artsoffers some of the most stunning photos and artwork from around the world. So if you want to buy these gorgeous photosand celebrated art like canvas oil paintings for sale, browse through our collection, and buy the perfect artwork for your home.

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Top Ideas to Create a Stunning Feature Wall

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Feature walls are the latest design hype in the world of home décor. They bring personality, appeal to your living spaces, and are a great way to express creativity. There is no limit to the scope of a feature wall, and we’d say it is the best display of one’s character.

Whether you choose paint, art, or paneling; feature walls are designed to make a statement, and here are some great ideas to inspire you into creating just that!

Try a green wall. No we are not talking about the color. Plant a vertical garden and enjoy the elements of nature indoors. It brings some great health benefits too!

Play it safe with paint. There is so much that you can do with ‘paint only’ to create the perfect feature wall. Explore your ideas, take a risk – You can go for a bold accented wall, or create an interesting pattern, like swirls or stripes. Even better, make your favorite quote the show-stopper!

Get edgy with graffiti. If you have an arty hand, and love to doodle, make your wall the canvas you need. Graffiti is the most original and raw way of adding character and a punch of colors t o your living space.

A wall of rocks. We bet you’re familiar with the quaint charm of a stone fireplace; a wall of rocks is just the bigger picture. It makes a wonderful feature wall if you are looking for a cottage-like feel for your room.

Original artwork can steal the show. If you’re fond of art or photography, this feature wall idea will work best for you. Get a stunning piece of art; or a collection would do too. Hang them right (get ideas from. Get Creative: Hang that Artwork in Style – Part I) and create a feature wall that wows. Checkout the oil paintings, digital art, and travel photos by Judith Barath for your feature wall.

Chicago cityscapes on wall


Wallpapers always work! If you are unsure about how to style your feature wall, statement wallpaper will never let you down. It offers great diversity in colors, design, and patterns – you can always find something that fits your comfort zone and taste.

Don’t these ideas make you want to set to work immediately? That might be a good idea if you have a clear picture of what you want your wall to look like. So stop, breathe, and brainstorm for ideas before you set to work; or you could always head straight to Judith Barath Arts, and choose a statement piece of original artwork by her.

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Style Up: Ideas to Decorate Your Wall!

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Decorating your walls can be one of the most challenging aspects of home décor. With wall décor varying substantially in style, form, and appeal; it often becomes difficult to decide what would work best for your living spaces.

Color Injuction

Whether it’s your hallway wall, or that large empty living room wall screaming for some attention, we have some great ways to inspire your wall décor to style your rooms to perfection. Take a look at these ideas:   

Think Abstract

Abstract art is a great way to style your contemporary homes. Bare walls gain instant character with a hint of abstract on them. Abstract art has the unique thought-provoking ability to spark interest in the viewers, which makes it thoroughly appealing as a focal point for bland living spaces. Check out these phenomenal abstract oil paintings by Judith Barath.    

Some Nature

Do you love nature? Why not make your walls fall in love with them too. Think of an herb garden on your kitchen wall, or an intricate rustic branch made into wall décor. Looking for something more basic? Choose a beautiful nature-inspired canvas oil painting from the Judith Barath oil paintings collection, to add an organic element to your living space.

Don’t Forget the Frames

Whether you have photographs, paintings, or a creation of your own that can make your plain wall a statement on its own – frame it! Frames can help you incorporate additional character to your art piece. Even if you do not have precious art to frame, just create an assortment of empty frames – remove the center, and hang them in an artsy spectacle.   

Did You Consider Modern Art?

Digital art is the newest hype in home décor. Why? Because it is flexible and modern! With digital art you have the liberty to get your favorite pieces digitally modified into a contemporary art piece that complements your home. They can even be used to strike a balance between the traditional and modern-day elements of your room. Check out this digitally modified oil painting by Judith Barath.   

We just listed down the basics for you. Let your creativity kick in and create style your walls to be a manifestation of who you are as a person. Whether you choose subtle and simple, or go bright and bold with your wall art – as long as it’s done right, it will be wow-worthy!


Looking for original artwork for your walls? Check out the spectacular artwork in the Judith Barath Arts collection.

SF frameds




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Bare Living Room Walls? Choose the Right Art!

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Revamping your living room? From new paint to furniture, window treatments, and decor; the process seems never-ending at times. Home décor is a detailed subject that dictates the mood and setting of your living spaces. Wall art is just one aspect of home décor – and it is a complete chapter of its own.

Traditionally, family photos and amateur paintings summed up the entire concept of wall art. However, modern day wall art has expanded into a host of different elements that each contribute in creating the perfect looking walls in homes.

Decals, digital art, oil paintings, photographs, branches, sculpted masks, and a lot more now effectively qualify as contemporary wall décor. Choosing the right art for your living room can be challenging; but with these tips, you can never go wrong:

Inline pattern in room

Remember, Art Is Personal

Different people connect at different levels with various art styles and forms. What appeals to one may seem disagreeable to the other. So take your time when choosing your art. See what art form sparks your interest. Don’t rush the process even if it is the only thing left to complete your living room. Your personal preferences are of prime importance, but don’t forget your budget.

Looking for oil paintings, travel photos, or digital art? Buy them at Judith Barath Arts today!

Seek Inspiration

What inspires you? Is it nature, travel, or love? Inspiration can be found anywhere at all. It will help you decide a theme. Once you have that, you can set out in pursuit of art that collectively brings a cohesive personality and style to your living room.

Arranging Artwork

Whether you pick paintings or photos, or a combination of both; their arrangement is what matters most. To make your art piece emanate its grandeur, search for a background that centers the focus on the art itself.

When working out an arrangement of multiple art pieces, always place the centerpiece first, and then work the remaining pieces around it. Remember, it is crucial that the entire arrangement looks cohesive, and appealing. Never hang the artwork too high or too low. Keep it at eye-level.

If you’re looking for creative ways to display your art, read our blog post series of Get Creative: Hang that Artwork in Style for ideas.

Wallpaper Is a Good Idea!

Sometimes less is more. Wallpapers are versatile, you can use them anywhere in the house, and they are almost as good as art on their own. They bring design, color, and texture to your living room. If you are looking for accented walls, we suggest you opt for a dramatic wallpaper that adds a certain oomph to your room. If you still feel the wallpaper isn’t enough, go ahead and get some original artwork by Judith Barath!

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Creating a Feature Wall? Consider This!

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Texture, pattern, paint, or original artwork – whatever it is that you plan to use to create your feature wall Let’s just say; it won’t be easy. Along with considerable time and effort, feature walls require profound brainstorming.

When done right, these walls can create a stunning spectacle that is truly reflective of your personality and character.

A feature wall allows you to explore and push the boundaries of creativity. There are several things that need to be considered when creating a feature wall; this guide will help you through the process.

LotusChoose Smartly

The most crucial aspect is to choose the wall itself. This is the very first step – if you get this wrong, even the most spectacular work will not shine through. So look around your room. Remember you want the wall to be the focal point of your space. Therefore, pick a wall that comes in plain sight, has no doors or windows, and is big enough to create impact.

Think Opposites

We’ve all heard ‘opposites attract’, it works great for feature walls too! Go bold with striking contrasts for your walls – but make sure your feature wall takes the cake. If you are creating a wall with a statement wallpaper, paint the remaining walls, or vice versa. If contrasts are too loud for you, choose the color of your feature wall, and paint the other walls in similar hues.

Unleash Your Creativity

Think beyond the conventional accented or wallpapered walls. There is so much you can do to make the wall speak on its own! A designer mirror that covers a major chunk of the wall; a grid or assortment of captivating professional photographs; or any other accessory that gels in with the rest of your décor and creates an impact.

One Wall, That’s All!

The worst mistake you can make is doing a feature wall in every room of the house. A feature wall is supposed to be unique. Too much of it in the same house will only make it lose its charm. Not to mention, your home would look like an overload of tackiness. Just keep ONE feature wall in the house! Focus all your effort on making this one wall the center of all attraction.

Simplicity is Key

Take a critical look at your wall. If it has enough splendor to attract and appeal to anyone who walks into the room, leave it as it is. There is no point in crowding the wall with accessories that pile up to look like clutter. If the wall is too big, and looks sparse, go ahead and accessorize. Be selective in your décor choice. At times just a single piece of artwork is enough to grab attention; at other you may need to create the drama.

Travel photoscanvas oil paintings, or contemporary digital art can prove to be fantastic accessories for a feature wall with a sophisticated charm to it. You know where to find all that. Head over to Judith Barath Arts, and buy your art décor online!


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Get Creative: Hang that Artwork in Style – Part II

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We hope you tried out one or more artsy ways of displaying your art we listed down in the previous post. We are back with some more, just like we promised.

If you haven’t got the chance to take a look at those ideas, you should amend that right away! Meanwhile, let’s pick up from where we left off. Here are equally creative ideas that can help you add character and appeal to your living spaces.

Corner It

You have two walls intersecting at a boring corner? Glam it up with artwork! Start hanging your artwork horizontally on the longer wall, allowing the frames to touch. Continue all the way to the corner and over to the perpendicular wall – extend it to a feet or two. This arrangement works great with smaller art pieces – and guess what? No more boring corners!

Working the Overtone

If you feel your artwork looks incomplete or empty on its own, you need to bring it to life.

Enhance the appeal of your art – add a three dimensional piece of wall décor above or beside it. Think ferns, masks, antlers, or a sculpture to make your art more noticeable. If you think the frames and mats accompanying your artwork don’t do justice to it, swap, or replace them.

4 digital arts in frame

Close and Small

Color, layer, and depth – this is what professional decorators focus on. Finish of the décor for a bedside table or vignette by hanging a small painting close and low – low enough to appear as a part of the tabletop display. If you can pull this one off, you instantly add depth and layering to your display.It also works above low cabinets, even with a TV set in front of them.

(Woodness; Force; Exotic Girl and Flowerising Dancer digital arts by Judith Barath)

Prop It Up

Instead of hanging you art, why not prop it against the wall or a bookcase? The idea is to make it look intentional, so you need to create a setting for it. Place it close to a desk, a chair, or a bookcase; something it can relate to. Focus on the details; you might want to place a stack of vintage suitcases beside it, or a large vase next to, a pile of books in front of it would work too.

A Vertical Space to Fill

Have an empty vertical wall panel? Spice it up with your art. Create a dramatic display of your favorite artwork in gallery-style – from the floor to the ceiling. Keep in mind the colors, themes, and cohesiveness of the art pieces you pick for this display.

You know how to display it, but it’s all useless if you’ve got nothing to display! Get your original artwork today. We offer an extensive collection of travel photos, digital art, and canvas oil paintings of nature and landscapes. We bet you’ll find plenty to adorn your home with! 


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Get Creative: Hang that Artwork in Style – Part I

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Have some gorgeous art pieces lying at home waiting to be displayed? If simply hanging them on a wall is too mundane for you, maybe it’s time to bring in a spark of creativity and style to show off your spectacular art collection!

We know you’re always looking for new ways to add value to your home décor, so we’ve got you just the ideas you were in search of. Hang your artwork in style – here’s how:

Create a Dramatic Backdrop

Looking for ways to bring a luxurious look to your display? Pair it with a dramatic backdrop. Use rich paint, gorgeous wallpaper, fabric, or grass cloth to add texture and pattern for fabulous backdrops. You can opt for wall treatments as well, or simply paint the wall in a rich tone and create layers with wallpaper and artwork – mixing works great! While you’re at it, make sure you consider the impacts of views from one room to the other; harmonize them, and you have a winner.

Rows of Art Shelves

Have a collection of related photography or artwork? Try out this flexible arrangement. Install two slim shelves on the wall. Determine the height of the top shelf be placing your largest art work on the bottom one and measuring about two inches above it. Once that is done, fill up these shelves with the most riveting art pieces you own – let them overlap if they do!

Grid Up the Work by the Same Artist

This is the easiest and the most fun way to create an absolute stunner – an art wall that grabs instant attention. Go out and purchase a combination of artwork from the same artist, and hand them in a grid on one of your walls. You can easily find artworks by same artist that are created on the same theme or related color palettes.

Touching Frames

If you wish to create a free-flowing, eclectic spectacle with your art works use same sized frames to border varying sizes of artwork and hang them in a line on your walls. Leave no spaces between the frames, and what you have is a contemporary display of your art. Something fresh, and unique.

Different sizes in frames

We’re not done yet! There’s still plenty of ways you can get creative when hanging your artwork and we will we bringing them all to you. For now, try out these ways of displaying you favorite canvas oil painting, or that abstract piece you bought last week – or explore our original artwork collection of digital art,  and travel photographs.  


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Abstract Oil Paintings

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Muted Harmony bRecently I created some small abstract oil paintings on board. Creating these contemporary paintings was exciting, relaxing and rewarding for me. I could allow myself to clear up my mind, let my hands move by feelings, the vibration of vivid colors and paint textures. Maybe sometimes I was thinking about these art boards as a painter palette, or the headboard of my childhood bed which I could scratch on anything. It is like listening to music and reflecting it back on an other medium. The most interesting thing I have learned about myself and about abstract that it takes practice, it cannot be done without "beeing in the zone", it needs your soul too but on a very different level. Maybe people are responding to abstract because they can add more freely they own imagination to it. This experiment turned out to be more than a careless project. Collecting scratching tools, fast drying paints, cold and hot wax, setting up a large working table to make room for all of that made me realise that maybe I care about abstract more than I ever have thought. Well, a new adventure can be rejuvenating.

These small size "Abstract Oils" originals are for sale. They also look amazing on larger prints or on different products to enhance your home. For ordering a large size print like in this living room click here.

Click here to see more of my most recent art works on Pinterest.

Muted Harmony in room4 Abstract in room




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