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Judith, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. 

One event pops into my mind. I was playing ‘art contest’ with my older girlfriend (we were four and six years old respectively). I still feel my excitement, responsiveness, and the challenge when I saw her painting was better than mine. Even though she won that competition, the eagerness to be a good artist was ignited within me. 

After I received my degree in applied graphic arts, I started to work as a freelance designer. The timing was lucky because, towards the end of the 70s and early 80s, the socialist Hungary allowed an individual freedom for artists rather than the mandatory full-time jobs. I moved to the USA leaving a lucrative career in my home country due to my husband’s unique work situation. It took several years to rebuild my career. With enough perseverance, I have gained several assignments growing my clientele year by year. I worked as a graphic designer and for some period as an art director creating corporate identity packages, posters, illustrating children’s books or promotion designs for McDonald’s first in Los Angeles and then from 1995 in Chicago. 

After I retired in early 2000 from designing works, I preferred to indulge in conveying my observations in multiple art media. I consider various art mediums as a host of vessels to experience different journeys through the same path; i.e., my personal view of life. My art teacher used to say, “Grasp all lose all,” an adage I agree with in general, but couldn’t apply in my art world. With an insatiable thirst for diversification in art, I walk around on earth in an observation mode and treasure the kaleidoscope of colors, shades, lights, people, and nature and also consider many common art techniques fascinatingly intriguing. 

Digital art involvement started right after I moved to the USA when a friend introduced me to one of the earliest Apple computers. Since then, I was enamored by the infinite options it offered and the miracle of fixing a mistake with a mere “⌘Z. The first digital artworks of sensual woman figures have won me my fulltime art director job in Los Angeles as well as later exhibitions in New York Galleries. 

Oil painting was a natural choice since childhood that I deem the perfect amalgamation of traditional and contemporary art. Art came naturally to me as I grew up in an art environment; my father was also a painter and continues to paint today at the age of 95. 
Since my dream studio was built in 2003, I paint regularly. From the sense of urgency eminent in the depiction of colorful San Francisco buildings to the fast-paced traffic in Budapest or to the abundant shapes of various plants in our suburban garden, each painting reflects the essence of a place and the feelings I experienced at that moment. I intend to create a sense of timelessness in space creating abstract dimension by unique application of color and light. 

With bold brushstrokes, a beautiful cacophony of colors and the usage of light, I try to replicate the rawness of emotions on my paintings. Every stroke, curve, and color on the canvas transcends naturalism and goes into a realm beyond to convey the healing power of nature that has been the subject of my interest for a long time. I use bright colors in a contemporary, impressionistic style, sometimes painting with a brush or using the impasto technique. In the last couple of years, cityscapes became my preferred subjects above the many landscapes I have painted as my travels and favorite places that got so close to my heart. 

During the dark month of the Midwest winter, I recently started to create smaller abstract works where I could almost mindlessly express feelings of power with vibrant colors and exuberant patterns that radiate sparks of positive energy. My intention with these abstract works was to find a breakdown of harmony, hues, and rhythm in the chaos around us. The purpose of my art is to inspire a desire in people to view life through a more profound lens, with a positive perspective and outlook. 

My interest in photography started before art school when I was working at the Hungarian Film Company. I have had the chance to test my hands on the most advanced techniques and equipment of the time. However, it took a couple of decades to when our family could afford the best cameras again. I have been an avid photographer since the 2000s, rarely leaving home without a camera. Since then, I have harbored a deep wanderlust, extensively traveling the world with my husband too far off destinations. I feel lucky for the opportunity to discover so many different cultures, natural wonders, and people around the globe, enabling me to accumulate such a unique spectrum of photography portfolio. 

After retiring, I participated in several international exhibitions, local galleries and solo shows around my Oak Brook home. Lately, I focus more on my website and online galleries that lend me greater freedom for traveling. Staying abreast of the online requirements keeps me on my toes, but I have always been interested in these challenges. 

I grew up in an art school where my father used to work and from where I acquired my art degree later. (Moholy Nagy University of Applied Arts). Many of our friends were painters; I carved princesses in my bed’s headboard with my girlfriends at sleepovers; I sew my dolls; I participated in many children art competitions including with a yearlong TV art competition where I bagged the first prize at the age of 14; In essence, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else but art! 

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome? 
After we moved to Los Angeles from Budapest, starting my career from scratch in a new country, building contacts and finding freelance work to be able to take care of our 4-year old child at the time, was time-consuming. Reestablishing myself as an artist in a competitive world was not an easy task. 

After many years of struggle, things started to improve for us. Now my daughter is a lawyer at a prominent firm in San Francisco, my husband has successfully settled with his invention, and I am proud to have online customers, allowing me to revel in the true spirit of art. 

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Judith Barath Arts – what should we know? 
Judith Barath Arts specializes in three different mediums owing to my versatility, which is uncommon to admit in the world of marketing art. I paint, do digital art and photography. Each field represented on my website, with its corresponding gallery. I believe all three have merits of their own and lend me a different canvas on which to paint my view of the world. Leveraging the plethora of online website options available, I present my work on my personal website, through FineArtAmerica (Pixels), as well as through social media, mainly Facebook. 

My original paintings are available to order online through my own website and many different print products on 

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success? 
• One of the crucial aspects of the art business above innate talent is probably reliability. A sloppy artist is not a good employee in the deadline-driven designer world. Gaining trust requires a lot of constant work and attention to details. A sense for clean, well-organized presentation always helped me in dealing with clients or designing my web pages. 

• Having a positive attitude, perseverance, and openness for new opportunities or technology is necessary for significant accomplishment. I have met many artists who didn’t want to learn the computer and later fall behind of much less talented colleges. Finding and conquer new challenges power up the soul and fuel for achievements, I think. All above having friends who inspire you and a supportive family is a definitive plus. 

Contact Info: 
Phone: 630 430 2248 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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