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Morton Arboretum Photo Album

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Morton Arboretum  blogIllinois is completely flat; there are no mountains or hills. The highest elevation you will find here is lower than the Willis tower, which is in Chicago. I found this extremely odd; after all, I had spent most of my earlier years living in California and Europe. I do not mean to say that you won’t find any beauty in Illinois; it consists of beautifully maintained Forest Preserves, gorgeous ponds, eye catching winding creeks, and the most striking of all, Morton Arboretum.Driving in Illinois is one of the most boring activities. By chance, I stumbled upon route 53, and I discovered a breathtaking spot, one of the most beautiful there is in Illinois.

Needless to say, it was Morton Arboretum. The spectacular varieties of flora, vibrant colors during autumn, Sterling Pond, and the Lake Marmo, are all the beauties you need for landscape photography. For any landscape photography, this place is a photography heaven. Clicking photographs of the picturesque scenery, glimpsing and capturing the changing colors of the different seasons, is one of my favorite regular pastimes. For a nature photographer like me, this place is nothing short of paradise. Fall is one of the busiest seasons here, and the place is full of landscape photographers. The most beautiful time of the year at Arboretum is fall, however, I find this place engaging throughout the year.

The sky brings different shades and creates new hues, while the reflections that appear on the surface of the pond are ever changing. The blue flowers that cover the entire ground during springtime create one of the most spectacular sights. Each season has something unique to offer, with every season showcasing an amazing array of colors and light effects that provide different compositions to capture. You can always find new subjects with captivating beauty that convey the lavish splendor of the park. You might have to visit a couple of times before you find perfect lighting for a splendid day of landscape photographing.

The colors of this part are extremely diverse in every season and condition. To me, exploring nature and capturing its images is a fulfilling experience and a pleasure. I love finding the perfect scenery, composing an image, capturing the many contrasting shades, like how the sunshine peeks through the beautifully colored foliage leaves, in shades of bright red and yellow, capturing the beautifully foggy morning late in the fall, with its mysterious haze and the beautiful light that changes the landscape.

Sometimes, even when the sky is dull, and the lighting is perfect, you can find complex and alluring shades of green emerge from the landscape; these remarkable shades aren’t visible under the usual glow of the sun. Delving in the different moods brought on by the sparkling lights and stunning natural colors of this landscape, I capture the magical moment in my camera. Doing this has left me with many joyous memories, for I simply love this craft.

Morton Arboretum’s mission is to collect and study various kinds of trees, shrubs, and plants, the species gathered from all over the world, grow them in a natural landscape with breathtaking beauty, so that people could have an enjoyable time studying them, and learn different ways to grow them for environmental enhancement.

My mission is to capture the stunning beauty possessed by Mount Arboretum, to create stunning and eye catching landscape images, and to share the love that I have for nature and landscape photography with you.

Come back and visit the album. Being a Chicago based Photographer I love taking photographs of the Arboretum and will keep on uploading the images as I capture and create them.

Morton Arboretum photo album

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