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Top Home Décor Tips for Art Lovers (Part 2)

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Continuing from part one; we explore how one can use art properly in our homes to give them a perfect aesthetic appeal.

Artistic Impression in Your Home

Taking Away the Clutter

When using a work of art in your home, the best way to make it the star of the room is by simply letting it be. Exercise restraint by using simpler and less-detailed furniture to highlight the complexity of the artwork. So by keeping the color of the chair, walls, lampshades and sofas in one color scheme, you will be giving your eyes the rest they need. Thus, you will be giving yourself the chance to completely focus on the painting, rather than on the shapes or accessories around it.

Furniture Placement

You don’t want anything to obscure your view of the art, so it is important that you know what to do and what not to do. A painting on a wall can only be called artistic if the furniture around it complements its space and allows the vision to flourish. For example, if you are using a landscape oil painting, placing a beautiful green shrub underneath, or a rectangle potted plant will give more emphasis to the painting above.

Keep a Color Palette

While in keeping away the clutter, we emphasize the significance of the paintings, we can also do the opposite and use all the colors in the artwork and use it as the entire room’s color palette. By surrounding yourself with the colors you love, you will be using this theme to create a finished look in the room.

Proper Styling

Art has a way of bringing together a room, but only if it is incorporated while keeping the style of the room intact. For example, if the home is themed in a monochromatic style, a more vibrant work of art can be used to balance out the color and style of the room. However, in interior decorations, many people use the style of artwork and work the décor of the room around it. So if you have a soft painting of gardens, you can choose to use the muted color palette of the painting to create a tone around the room.


Monochrome photos use the concept of light to promote an idea. Taking this concept literally, you can choose to highlight a painting by making it stand out with proper lighting. However, with lighting it is important that you use proper angles so that any shadows cast do not create an unappealing impression. Use lighting with care when using it to enhance the art.

As art lovers, it is our duty to use these different ideas to create a strong design. You can use all these tips and combine them to give a unique look to not only your art but also your room. Remember; proper art work can only be presented in the best light if color, shapes and furniture placement are used in balance.

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