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Get Creative: Hang that Artwork in Style – Part I

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Have some gorgeous art pieces lying at home waiting to be displayed? If simply hanging them on a wall is too mundane for you, maybe it’s time to bring in a spark of creativity and style to show off your spectacular art collection!

We know you’re always looking for new ways to add value to your home décor, so we’ve got you just the ideas you were in search of. Hang your artwork in style – here’s how:

Create a Dramatic Backdrop

Looking for ways to bring a luxurious look to your display? Pair it with a dramatic backdrop. Use rich paint, gorgeous wallpaper, fabric, or grass cloth to add texture and pattern for fabulous backdrops. You can opt for wall treatments as well, or simply paint the wall in a rich tone and create layers with wallpaper and artwork – mixing works great! While you’re at it, make sure you consider the impacts of views from one room to the other; harmonize them, and you have a winner.

Rows of Art Shelves

Have a collection of related photography or artwork? Try out this flexible arrangement. Install two slim shelves on the wall. Determine the height of the top shelf be placing your largest art work on the bottom one and measuring about two inches above it. Once that is done, fill up these shelves with the most riveting art pieces you own – let them overlap if they do!

Grid Up the Work by the Same Artist

This is the easiest and the most fun way to create an absolute stunner – an art wall that grabs instant attention. Go out and purchase a combination of artwork from the same artist, and hand them in a grid on one of your walls. You can easily find artworks by same artist that are created on the same theme or related color palettes.

Touching Frames

If you wish to create a free-flowing, eclectic spectacle with your art works use same sized frames to border varying sizes of artwork and hang them in a line on your walls. Leave no spaces between the frames, and what you have is a contemporary display of your art. Something fresh, and unique.

Different sizes in frames

We’re not done yet! There’s still plenty of ways you can get creative when hanging your artwork and we will we bringing them all to you. For now, try out these ways of displaying you favorite canvas oil painting, or that abstract piece you bought last week – or explore our original artwork collection of digital art,  and travel photographs.  


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