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Moreaki Boulders

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In the month of February 2012, we went on a hunting trip in New Zealand. My husband got out to hunt for the red stag, and I got the fortunate chance to travel the remarkable area, accompanied by a guide. We went to the Moreaki Boulders, the first time in my life, I heard about these fascinating boulders. The ocean had always enthralled me, and with these large globes on the seashore, I was about to discover something new. At first glance, these mysterious boulders seemed remote, and unique, which many people haven’t seen. The view was strikingly extraordinarily. I started clicking pictures. The weather was cloudy, which added more definition and moodiness to the photographs I took.

When I finally came back home, I organized my photos, and then decided to research more on Moreaki Boulders. The results were astounding, instantly I was looking at hundreds of images of these mysterious rocks online. There were so many of them, that I simply couldn’t look at them all. However, for me, it was a unique experience!

If my photographs of these boulders are the first time you have seen them, then I hope you found them pleasantly delightful. The erosion created due to the waves crashing against the mudstone, comprising of landslides and local bedrock, often exposes isolated boulders. These boulders are septarian concretions, grey in color, having been unearthed from the mudstone that enclosed them and concentrated along the beach through coastal erosion.
Unique places ask for attention, and are brilliant for photographing. Everything is, if you ask me. Have you ever wondered why people are more attracted towards uniqueness? I had always found this concept intriguing and so I struggled with it. To be honest, I don’t think there is anything new in the universe, there is only a slight chance that I can add something unique to an image, something which has never been done before; even so, I still want to try capturing such an image.

This dilemma hit me hard when I went to that beach. I imagined those large rock balls on the seashore, highlighted with a mysterious light, with no one in sight, thinking that maybe the boulders had never existed before. There is no sound, the scene is quiet, and the ocean, looked onto by some mysterious aliens from above. Of course, it was nothing like that. Nowadays, tourists are all around us, and uniqueness is no longer unique. So what? I am still passionate about taking interesting and stunning photographs, and I love sharing them for others to see. I hope that in one way or another, you find my photographs unique.


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