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Custom Art prints on iPad Cases

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With the wide range of amazing features, iPads become more of a companion for people these days. You can manage your emails and carry it everywhere with you and stay connected to the world.
I purchased mine mainly to display artworks on it because the colors and convenient Internet connection make it a great portfolio tool.

iPads are delicate gadgets and need good care and a good protection, for which we have iPad cases. These days you can easily find customized cases. One good place I would like to recommend you for is Zazzle!

Let me know if you are interested in one of my artwork for your iPad case. Send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the image in mind and I make it available for you on Zazzle.

I received my custom case today and it’s simply amazing!  I selected a "Barely There" case, which allowed me to slide the iPad with the case on into the red SENA leather sleeve I already had. The magnetic black Apple Smart cover works perfectly with the new case too. The digital art image on my case has actually a story behind it.

The image on my case has actually a story behind it. About 2o years ago this image was my first digital artwork created on a computer, which started a series of images. The "Odd Couple", the King and Queen of humans originally were looking at each other side by side holding something precious for them. For the iPad back case image, I edited the artwork a little and got the couple "married". Now they guard together their secrets and all the secrets of mankind on this iPad until you turn it over and look up anything you want to know about, even about odd couples. It is amazing that you can have that in your purse! I think it worth to make this treasure look special.



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