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Experimenting with Photoshop Plugins

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Spring has finally arrived in Midwest and it’s in full bloom. It is a month late then usual but it is worth the wait. The majestic charm of spring is more than enough to fuel my passion for photography. I don’t even have to leave my home to find beautiful objects, because the greens of revived trees and plants are breathtaking at spring around the house.
The Crab Apple Trees on the yard are so stunning and inviting that I took out my Nikon D3, and started capturing the trees, using a 70-200mm telefoto lens. The sunlight drifting through the leaves of maple tree offered me a prefect foreground with amazing contrasts and shapes. The Crab Apple Tree in the background covered with gorgeous white flowers looked nothing less than a mesmerizing Japanese painting.

The original shots looked amazing, but I wanted to do more with the beauty that I captured in the images so I experimented with these new subjects in order to create an inspiring artistic piece of art. My aim was to add intensity in the spikes of the pine bush, in the graphically defined lines of the trunk and in the quirky and unusual shapes of the leaves close-up.

Recently I have been very fascinated by black and white photography. I love adding some drama to the original raw pictures. I like enriching the essence and texture of the images. In today’s time there are a lot of techniques that can be used to add depth and life to them. For these images I used Photoshop Oil Paint, Nik Silver Efex Pro2, and Topaz Fusion Express plugins and got amazing results. In order to experiment a little more I applied this set of plugins to a number of my previous images as well. In my opinion these plugins work best for the images that have small repetitive forms, interesting textures, and graphically fascinating lines.

I used my captured photographs as the basis of these images, but the final work could be considered digital art. After slight hesitation I added these stylised images to the B&W photo album in the photography section present on my website and the blog is accessible in the section of Digital Arts.

Stylised Photo Album

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