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There Is Always Hope

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There Is Always HopeThere_Is_Always_Hope.jpg


I took this picture on a beautiful sunny day at Grace Bay beach a couple of weeks after hurricanes, Maria and Irma swept through Turks and Caicos. The image background with the turned roots was changed to B&W juxtaposing with the strikingly colorful umbrella.

Visiting Caicos have always been very uplifting for me, but after the hurricanes I was worried. Fortunately, my friend's house survived without significant damage.  I still was concerned what happened to the trees and plants on the island. Homes can be rebuilt soon, but the trees need time to regrow. Somehow nature corrects the disasters. After some rainy days, the smaller plants have come to life, and flowers bloom all around. The beach was still quite, much fewer people dare to travel to Caicos. There were damaged trees and turned roots waiting for bulldozing in some areas. Still, life goes on and there are people who bring hope to everywhere.

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Sense of Harbors From around the World

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This collection of harbor scenes presents photographs I took during my travels around the world. The colorful types of machinery; the textures of ropes and different materials used by fishermen; the reflections on water, the various shapes of small boats or large ship elements captured my attention wherever I traveled. 

Harbour movie-1


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The Lost Antigua Photographs

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Having a backup of your files has never caused anybody any trouble.

Not having a backup of your files in cases where you lose the original ones, however, has caused lots of people a lot of trouble!

This is why the sooner you get yourself into the habit of always backing up your files the better it is. The reason for the emergency is actually pretty simple. You never know when a sneaky computer virus sneaks into your system, or when your hard drive decides it just does not want to work for you anymore or even if someone would actually try to steal your entire system altogether…

Point being that there are too many scenarios that may happen which may result in losing files. You do not want to be separated from all those beautiful pictures you took.

Smart Photo Saving Tips:

If you accidentally deleted the photos yourself, you are still in some luck since you can easily check out the Recycle Bin and retrieve them. While we are still on the topic of Recycle Bin, it can also do you some good to check its contents before you completely empty it. This way if there’s still something nice lying there you have one last shot of retrieving it before it goes into space forever.

Antigua-2In addition, to starting being smarter and backing up all your important files it can also do you some good if you keep them in an organized manner, to begin with.  Instead of having them in several folders, try having one main folder on your device’s hard drive.

Cataloging your images with the help of programs like the Lightroom is another great idea of holding on to your files. This one can be especially helpful for those who travel a lot.As soon as you are done clicking photographs at the end of the day, quickly go to Lightroom and organize them. Simply import the photographs into it and you’re good to go. Even when you are already into the habit of backing up files, sometimes a glitch or two might happen which may end up in losing some really important files.

Let me share a personal experience of what happened when I was traveling to Guatemala. Having clicked so many wonderful pictures (500 to be exact!) of the beautiful Antigua city I lost almost all of them while I was trying to synchronize albums in Lightroom. After running a recovery program (Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Program) I was able to recover just 12 of the 500 pictures I took. Needless to say, I was heartbroken but Lightroom’s virtual images saved the day for me.

If you ever find yourself in my shoes, this is what you can do: In Adobe Lightroom simply go to the original catalog and you will be able to see all the virtual images, even the ones that accidentally got deleted! You can take screenshots of those virtual images. They will be good enough to post them or even for smaller prints. Much better than entirely losing them.  Check out the AntiguaTravel Photo Album I have saved this way.

Check out the complete Guatemala trip albums! 

Antigua      Hotel Casa Santo Domingo        Lake Atitlan       Flores, Lake Peten     Tikal, Yaxha        Miscellaneous









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Beach Photos: A touch of Salt, and Sun

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L1020560-4Beach photos are trending as home décor lately. These artsy photographs marked by white sands, crystal clear waters, and sparse beach umbrellas bring a laidback, colorful look to your living spaces. It might be unusual, but these beaches captured through the lens of the camera are conquering design magazines, home walls, and office spaces as a preferred artsy trend.

If you wish to try something different for your home décor, here are top reasons to give beach photos a shot.

They Boost Your Mood
The serene sand and waters lifts spirits, and spreads the ‘feel good’ vibe all around. Put an oversized beach photograph on a subtle hued wall for a happy look in a room furnished in warm tones.

Brings Out the Best in a Midcentury Inspired Setting
If you have a room decorated with contemporary midcentury inspired furniture a blown up beach photograph would bring the much needed aesthetic touch to the setting.


L1009677-6-10Add Color to Neutral Spaces
Grays, whites, blacks, and earthy tones get a pop of bold turquoise and shimmery sand with a stunning beach shot hanging on the wall. The picture accentuates the neutral hues, balances sophistication and vibrancy, and completes the look.

Transform Your Hallway
Looking for ways to revamp your hallway? Make it look like a chic gallery with a series of identically framed beach photos that demand everyone to pause and look. For the hall, create a spectacle with an enlarged beach photo opening up at the entrance.
The Touch of Nature
If your urban home setup has started getting to you, bring in the coast to be close to nature. A large beach photo can add just the right amount of contrast to your chic setting, with a unique earthy appeal.

Let It Be the Focal Point
Beaches attract everyone owing to their serenity, and the versatility in view. Adding an oversized beach photo to one of your lofty walls gives an instant eye-catching focus to your living spaces. It has all the right colors and the sleek lines to set the environment in pace.

The Laidback Charm
Have a formally furnished room that feels too uptight? Loosen it up with an elegant beach shot that gels in well with its urbane ambience. Couple it with a traditional architectural design, and you get a striking contrast between new and old.

Judith Barath Arts offers some of the most stunning beach photos from around the world. They offer travel photos, along with other celebrated art like canvas oil paintings, and contemporary art. What are you waiting for? Buy original artwork for your home today!


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Traveling in China

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JBA 8300-38-491 b
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JBA 2454-390 b

I got back from a three weeks China tour with about 5000 pictures. It will take some time to sort them out for albums. Here are two of them about the Yunnan Terrace Fields and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

(Since than I have traveled to Caicos (which was amazing), to Hungary and to San Francisco. Please bare with me, the China travel albums will come but it takes time to catch up.)


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Arial Photographs of Iceland

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One of the most exciting excursions during our North Atlantic trip was the 5-hour helicopter tour from Reykjavik. We had occasional stops, and a gourmet lunch at Hotel Ranga. Even met a Hungarian waiter in the restaurant, which led to a nice conversation about Budapest, my hometown at such a remote place. The world is so small…

The weather was kind to us. After days of rain the sun came out when we took off from Hangar 6 by helicopter to photograph the dramatic landscape and capture some of the world's most spectacular scenery. 
We opted in for the "Fabulous Diamond Tour" by Reykjavik Helicopters. The pilots were very nice and experienced.  They enjoy flying probably more than any of their passengers. Well, Iceland is extremely beautiful, literally an ever-changing land offering breathtaking scenery all year around. It is a true paradise for photographers and nature lovers. During our whole flight I shoot almost constantly hoping to catch the beauty of that striking landscape.

You need some preparation for photographing from a helicopter. Learning from previous experience I dressed in black. Also made sure that the logo on my camera strap was covered. Our flight was not planned as a door-off photo tour, but probably seeing my enthusiasm and high quality camera gear at some point the pilot let me have the door open, which was very helpful to avoid reflections on the images. Yes, it was windy but I didn't care less, I was indulged in photography. To achieve true colors in the photographs, taking pictures without the window is a must. If you fly with strangers opening the door is probably not an option. At most locations the pilots are experienced carrying serious photographers, so you can negotiate your needs and they give you good advise. If you dare hanging a bit more out from the helicopter don't forget to tape your lens hood to the lens because the wind can blow it off. Dress warm and be sure no flying straps on your clothing and no hair gets in the way.
Keep your camera gear well organized and easy to reach for. When the door is open and the wind is blowing too strong it is better not changing lenses or memory cards. Use shutter priority, (1/1600 preferably), auto ISO, no polarizing filter and shoot several images in bursts. To be able to shoot high quality images with these parameters you need lots of sunlight.
For a serious photographer taking a regular sightseeing tour can be very frustrating. You might find yourself in the middle back seat from where shooting is tough. Couple of years ago before taking off to see the Nasca Lines in Peru they didn't want to let me taking my camera bag with me. They argued that it was too heavy and they couldn't balance the load. In Alaska I had to take the back seat for similar reason. To avoid this situations ask specific questions from the operator. Otherwise they can change your seat just before boarding. On that Iceland tour I was very lucky in every aspect.

In the air not only planes fly fast the time does also. You should be aware of all interesting subjects, constantly look for images to be captured. Shooting from air is a rear opportunity for most photographers, be sure to take advantage every moment of it.

Certainly on Iceland I had no problem finding the unique subject, everything was unbelievably beautiful. Our trip covered Thingvellir, Geysir, Gullfoss, Háifoss, Landmannalaugar, Thórsmörk, Fimmvörduháls, Eyjafjallajökull, Hótel Rangá and the south coast at Olfusa River delta. These names I probably will forget soon, but for many hikers and tourists all these have important meaning. Iceland is a paradise for hikers too. The beauty of nature and the variety of hikes attract tourists from all over the world. 
In a relatively small area the scenery include volcanoes, deep valleys, and waterfalls wide spread river deltas, mountains glaciers, geothermal pools lakes, and the ocean. The colors of the terrain were spectacular. Because of the minerals-rich terrain every color was present in the landscape. From dark color palagonite mountains to colorful rhyolite mountains and geothermal pools to turquoise lakes I have seen unforgettable wonders on that day.

Iceland Arial Photographs

B&W photos of Olfusa River Delta

Torshavn boatsIt seems like 45 days is not so long after all. I just returned from the cruise trip on the North Atlantic Ocean. Despite that we were rushing one place to the other without time to settle for taking "professional" pictures, I took unusually overwhelming amount of photographs. I have found inspiration in exploring the uniqueness of unfamiliar scenes and locations.

Before I get to the end of organizing all the images I start to share some travel photography collections on that Blog. This album of the colorful boats in the marina showcases one of my favorite stop in Torshavn, Denmark. (Use the globe icon on the left above images to map a picture)

The Whale Building BudapestI  traveled several times to Budapest. During my stay there, I rigorously followed the construction of the “Whale” building, and because of my on and off travels to meet my parents I always kept up with its latest news. In November of 2013, the building’s construction was finally complete, after years of construction delays and legal disputes, and the complex was inaugurated.

Stained GlassI visited Budapest this month and it couldn’t have gone any better. The city was alive with tourists enjoying the comfortably warm weather. Many constructions were recently completed in the inner city which magnified the beauty of location tenfold.

The architecture of Budapest is extremely unique and rich. You will find Baroque, Ottoman, Gothic, Roman, Romantic, Classicism and Art Nouveau to Modern building styles that are scattered around the city and are a sight for sore eyes.

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Why Weeds Succeed? | B&W Nature Photography

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Dried Common Milkweed bWeeds always succeed, this is the bottom line. Period! All the weeds that are invasive have some common features. They have an ability to develop overnight, they are capable of weathering wide variety of conditions, even below asphalt. They have the ability of producing thousands of microscopic seeds and are prolific; they can spread both under and above ground and will start multiplying if you try to pluck them out, they can live through both hot and cold weather and come to life before any other plant when Spring starts.

Weeds are the reason why the farmers are always on the move, proactive and vigilant.

I am confused! Should I be jealous of weeds, get inspiration from them or simply hate them? Because to tell you the truth, I actually find them quite exquisite in a variety of aspects.

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