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Style Up: Ideas to Decorate Your Wall!

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Decorating your walls can be one of the most challenging aspects of home décor. With wall décor varying substantially in style, form, and appeal; it often becomes difficult to decide what would work best for your living spaces.

Color Injuction

Whether it’s your hallway wall, or that large empty living room wall screaming for some attention, we have some great ways to inspire your wall décor to style your rooms to perfection. Take a look at these ideas:   

Think Abstract

Abstract art is a great way to style your contemporary homes. Bare walls gain instant character with a hint of abstract on them. Abstract art has the unique thought-provoking ability to spark interest in the viewers, which makes it thoroughly appealing as a focal point for bland living spaces. Check out these phenomenal abstract oil paintings by Judith Barath.    

Some Nature

Do you love nature? Why not make your walls fall in love with them too. Think of an herb garden on your kitchen wall, or an intricate rustic branch made into wall décor. Looking for something more basic? Choose a beautiful nature-inspired canvas oil painting from the Judith Barath oil paintings collection, to add an organic element to your living space.

Don’t Forget the Frames

Whether you have photographs, paintings, or a creation of your own that can make your plain wall a statement on its own – frame it! Frames can help you incorporate additional character to your art piece. Even if you do not have precious art to frame, just create an assortment of empty frames – remove the center, and hang them in an artsy spectacle.   

Did You Consider Modern Art?

Digital art is the newest hype in home décor. Why? Because it is flexible and modern! With digital art you have the liberty to get your favorite pieces digitally modified into a contemporary art piece that complements your home. They can even be used to strike a balance between the traditional and modern-day elements of your room. Check out this digitally modified oil painting by Judith Barath.   

We just listed down the basics for you. Let your creativity kick in and create style your walls to be a manifestation of who you are as a person. Whether you choose subtle and simple, or go bright and bold with your wall art – as long as it’s done right, it will be wow-worthy!


Looking for original artwork for your walls? Check out the spectacular artwork in the Judith Barath Arts collection.

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