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Bare Living Room Walls? Choose the Right Art!

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Revamping your living room? From new paint to furniture, window treatments, and decor; the process seems never-ending at times. Home décor is a detailed subject that dictates the mood and setting of your living spaces. Wall art is just one aspect of home décor – and it is a complete chapter of its own.

Traditionally, family photos and amateur paintings summed up the entire concept of wall art. However, modern day wall art has expanded into a host of different elements that each contribute in creating the perfect looking walls in homes.

Decals, digital art, oil paintings, photographs, branches, sculpted masks, and a lot more now effectively qualify as contemporary wall décor. Choosing the right art for your living room can be challenging; but with these tips, you can never go wrong:

Inline pattern in room

Remember, Art Is Personal

Different people connect at different levels with various art styles and forms. What appeals to one may seem disagreeable to the other. So take your time when choosing your art. See what art form sparks your interest. Don’t rush the process even if it is the only thing left to complete your living room. Your personal preferences are of prime importance, but don’t forget your budget.

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Seek Inspiration

What inspires you? Is it nature, travel, or love? Inspiration can be found anywhere at all. It will help you decide a theme. Once you have that, you can set out in pursuit of art that collectively brings a cohesive personality and style to your living room.

Arranging Artwork

Whether you pick paintings or photos, or a combination of both; their arrangement is what matters most. To make your art piece emanate its grandeur, search for a background that centers the focus on the art itself.

When working out an arrangement of multiple art pieces, always place the centerpiece first, and then work the remaining pieces around it. Remember, it is crucial that the entire arrangement looks cohesive, and appealing. Never hang the artwork too high or too low. Keep it at eye-level.

If you’re looking for creative ways to display your art, read our blog post series of Get Creative: Hang that Artwork in Style for ideas.

Wallpaper Is a Good Idea!

Sometimes less is more. Wallpapers are versatile, you can use them anywhere in the house, and they are almost as good as art on their own. They bring design, color, and texture to your living room. If you are looking for accented walls, we suggest you opt for a dramatic wallpaper that adds a certain oomph to your room. If you still feel the wallpaper isn’t enough, go ahead and get some original artwork by Judith Barath!

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  • Comment Link Megan Earl Tuesday, 28 June 2016 10:26 posted by Megan Earl

    It's so true that bare living room walls can look so much better with some art hanging on them! I really liked what you said about art being personal. Different people will be drawn to different works of art and that's okay. It's just important to choose something that speaks to you!

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