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Get Creative: Hang that Artwork in Style – Part II

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We hope you tried out one or more artsy ways of displaying your art we listed down in the previous post. We are back with some more, just like we promised.

If you haven’t got the chance to take a look at those ideas, you should amend that right away! Meanwhile, let’s pick up from where we left off. Here are equally creative ideas that can help you add character and appeal to your living spaces.

Corner It

You have two walls intersecting at a boring corner? Glam it up with artwork! Start hanging your artwork horizontally on the longer wall, allowing the frames to touch. Continue all the way to the corner and over to the perpendicular wall – extend it to a feet or two. This arrangement works great with smaller art pieces – and guess what? No more boring corners!

Working the Overtone

If you feel your artwork looks incomplete or empty on its own, you need to bring it to life.

Enhance the appeal of your art – add a three dimensional piece of wall décor above or beside it. Think ferns, masks, antlers, or a sculpture to make your art more noticeable. If you think the frames and mats accompanying your artwork don’t do justice to it, swap, or replace them.

4 digital arts in frame

Close and Small

Color, layer, and depth – this is what professional decorators focus on. Finish of the décor for a bedside table or vignette by hanging a small painting close and low – low enough to appear as a part of the tabletop display. If you can pull this one off, you instantly add depth and layering to your display.It also works above low cabinets, even with a TV set in front of them.

(Woodness; Force; Exotic Girl and Flowerising Dancer digital arts by Judith Barath)

Prop It Up

Instead of hanging you art, why not prop it against the wall or a bookcase? The idea is to make it look intentional, so you need to create a setting for it. Place it close to a desk, a chair, or a bookcase; something it can relate to. Focus on the details; you might want to place a stack of vintage suitcases beside it, or a large vase next to, a pile of books in front of it would work too.

A Vertical Space to Fill

Have an empty vertical wall panel? Spice it up with your art. Create a dramatic display of your favorite artwork in gallery-style – from the floor to the ceiling. Keep in mind the colors, themes, and cohesiveness of the art pieces you pick for this display.

You know how to display it, but it’s all useless if you’ve got nothing to display! Get your original artwork today. We offer an extensive collection of travel photos, digital art, and canvas oil paintings of nature and landscapes. We bet you’ll find plenty to adorn your home with! 


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