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Center Motifs in Budapest | Photographs of Architectural Details

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Stained GlassI visited Budapest this month and it couldn’t have gone any better. The city was alive with tourists enjoying the comfortably warm weather. Many constructions were recently completed in the inner city which magnified the beauty of location tenfold.

The architecture of Budapest is extremely unique and rich. You will find Baroque, Ottoman, Gothic, Roman, Romantic, Classicism and Art Nouveau to Modern building styles that are scattered around the city and are a sight for sore eyes.

This time around, I was searching for circular or symmetrical architectural elements such as cupolas on cathedrals, glass skylights, and staircases. I wanted to see my city through the eyes of a tourist and so I walked into buildings and found details that I never noticed before; a mesmerizing skylight made of stained glass, beautiful staircases, and geometrical motifs. I realized that changing perspective can help you to actually notice the beauty and not just see it. And once I noticed it, I couldn’t help capturing it.

There is never enough time to encapsulate the beauty of Budapest comprehensively in a single visit and I still left behind so much more to be seen and captured.

The album of architectural elements mostly contains images of symmetrical architectural subjects, geometrical motifs designs on mosaics, staircases, and cupolas made of stained glass. These were the elements that seized my attention when I was out and about on my daily walks as a tourist of Budapest.

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