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Reviving Old Flower | Photoshop Experiment

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Roses with Leaves  detailEverywhere I turn, I see grey; it is mid April now and still everything around me is drenched in shades of white and black. There is no sign of new leaves, not even a tiny sprout. I wonder when spring is going to arrive. I am running out of patience and I desperately want some flowers to bloom.
Nursing my gloomy mood, I try to cheer myself up by turning to the photographs of archived flowers. I started experimenting on them with Nik Software to breathe some digital black and white life in these old floral images.

Converting a colored photograph to a black and white image is pretty simple with Photoshop by making use of the channel mixture and adjustments for Black and White. Generally I end up using a variety of plugins to get more distinguishing results and apply a lot of steps during the process of transformation of an image. Silver Efex Pro 2 is now a favorite plugin.

It includes tools such as amplifies black, amplifies whites, soft contrasts, and dynamic brightness that allows you to have more control over the black and white transformation process. If you want to create artwork with monochrome effects and enhance the color of the images then Efex pro 4 is best for it. The software collection of NIK works well with Lightroom and Photoshop which makes it convenient if you want to switch between these two programs.
This technique allowed me to add more depth to the images by enhancing the contrast of the images. These plugins works well with tonal images. In addition to these plugins you can apply filters for oil paint in Photoshop, Topaz DeNoise, and RAW Presharpener to your less than ideal pictures and revive them.
As a photographer I believe that in order to add life to the images it is essential that you add a personal touch to them. Today, photography is not just about documenting events. It has evolved overtime and all types of photography now have their own validity and purpose. All you need to do is find the objects of your interest that can give voice to your inner creativity.

Floral B&W photo album

Rose in Purple
Moody Rose in Gold and Purple
Rose in Black

I used Color Efex Pro 4 on two pictures and Silver Efex Pro 2 on one picture transforming the same image of a rose. Still after doing all this I impatiently waited for the approaching spring to get some new images.


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