It is a challenge and a gift to be an artist. With honor, I present my passions for art on this website through three art media.

Find your interest in the wide selection of albums of three main art media. The Oil Paintings gallery presents original, distinctive contemporary impressionistic fine art collections displaying vital nature oil paintings, floral oil paintings, cityscapes and landscape oil painting fine art for sale. The Photography gallery showcases around the globe travel photography albums of exotic places; a variety of black and white photography media collection; selection of fine art photography. The Digital Art gallery showcases sensual figurative digital art in well-organized online galleries. To read more about Judith visit "About" page.



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Get closer to art through paintings by Judith Barath

Here it is presented three different types of visual art: painting (especially, oil paintings), photography and digital art (narrow theme of modern art but becoming popular nowadays). You can see the chronology of artwork artists paintings from the earliest in these types of depicting till the latest.

Oil painting is a light, attractive but comprehensive kind of painting. Because of the usage of oil the pictures become really volume for seeing and full of sense because there is rather long process of creating each painting, the material needs to be prepared in special way and the process of drying is long-term. In most cases exactly depicting of landscapes and sometimes city view make sense to show the abilities of oil as an instrument of an artist. But you can meet different subjects of paintings on oil paintings websites – tastes differ.

artwork paintingsMaking some effective and creative work is to spend a lot of time thinking and watching the outside world. When creating such kind of painting master uses the lightning accurately to reflect the realism of what is happening. Usually during travelling in case to find inspiration the artist always makes dozens of sketches which can often be the prototypes of the future oil paintings. Furthermore, the photos can always work as model for the future picture – it is an excellent example of connection between different parts of visual art.

Photography is a breath of fresh air despite being rather old type of art existed. There are different motives to take photos: when you want to have some image of what has affected you right now or you just don’t have abilities to drawing. Photography seems to be the hybrid of art and technologies which managed to create something really valuable so that even classical oil painting artists use it.

flower paintersAnother interesting example of such combination is digital art. It is really complicated and not so monotonous method of making something really attractive. Usually digital art has its beginning with some basis in the form of paintings or photos but it is always changed and modified then by some another programs. Digital painting is a great process of making really effective piece of art during little period of time using classical artists’ knowledge of painting and creating a new view to the visual art.

Today the oil painting is regenerating. New technologies of making oil are involved, new canvas and glazing make the pictures stronger and long-living. Garden paintings artists started making more accents on the architecture in the gardens and depicting more landscaping design. Such kind of paintings became more “stylish” and cultivate because of these steps. The comparative characteristic of oil painting, photography and digital art makes it possible to improve the quality of all these types of art and to provide the buyers a wide range of choice. Flower and landscape painters more and more provide some similar techniques from digital art into their own creations, often checking the right lightning schemes according to the rules of computerizing imaging. And digital art painters never forget about classical methods of depicting beauty in colours.

The world is endless as well as art and its types and species. Do not afraid of being so dissident and pioneers in love to the nature and civilization. Be honest with yourself and try to use all benefits of the nature which it can offer you. Enjoy the moment which has been caught by you and those moments which artists imprinted in their works.