Welcome to Judith Barath Arts, a portal created by a gifted artist embarked on the journey of exploring the diverse world of art, and presenting it to art enthusiasts and appreciators to cherish. From photography and digital art to painting in different medium, Judith taps into various genres of fine arts, creating her unique masterpieces with the fine blend of traditional and contemporary techniques.

Beautiful floral oil painting, artistic B&W texture, and breathtaking nature photography, Judith’s personal art gallery online is like a diverse palette of different colors, each showcasing life in a different light.

Judith invites you to enter the world of her spectacular landscape art, or the unique photographs she captured while on her travel expeditions - to invest in art pieces that are an aesthetic manifestation of your lifestyle, and a beautiful extension of the world you live in.
Art is more than the splashes of colors on a canvas. It goes way beyond the moment captured by a lens. It is the technique, the concept, the meaning, and the beauty that comes together to give an art piece the power to stir emotions and evoke thoughts. Forever fascinated by how endless the world of art is, Judith has always been interested in experimenting and exploring on various genres and techniques of visual art – the phenomenal results are what this website is all about.
Her current online art collection is based on three major areas of focus.

Oil Painting
Light, attractive, but comprehensive, Judith has worked on everything from landscapes and floral oil paintings to small abstract paintings in this medium. Behind her nature inspired oil paintings and wonderfully captured cityscapes lies a lot of handwork, deep understanding of the techniques, and a perception only gifted artists are blessed with. The immaculate patterns of light and color in oil painting by Judith depict her creative ingenuity. Her amazing flower painting collection is a treasure for collectors and appreciators.
Digital Art
There is a reason digital art has garnered so much fascination among art enthusiasts and contemporary artists today. It is the perfect example of art is evolving with the changing lifestyle. The influence of technology and how it can be used to improve everything is what makes digital art so captivating. Natural patterns and texture in digital art comes from a perfect layering of an actual painting or photograph with digital modification through particular software. Judith’s artwork reflects her understanding of where to draw the line to create the right balance.
Photography is born from a completely different merger of art and science than digital art. It is a direct peek into an artist’s mind and heart. With photography the artist can capture and express feelings and opinion not always possible with painting, mainly because it allows an artist to do while they are still under the influence of it. Judith’s photo travel journey has helped her create and extraordinary series of World travel photo albums, making her one of the most amazing Oak Brook travel photographers.

Step Ahead from Conventional and Contemporary
Whether you want art prints for office or botanical oil paintings for home, Judith’s work is one that will stand apart while at the same time merging seamlessly into its surrounding. This website is more than just an online art collection of her work. This where she shares resources with an aim to educate art lovers, buyers, as well as the artists about her work and the way modern times has influence the way art is created and marketed.

“The world is endless as well as art and its types and species. Do not afraid of being so dissident and pioneers in love to the nature and civilization. Be honest with yourself and try to use all benefits of the nature which it can offer you. Enjoy the moment which has been caught by you and those moments which artists imprinted in their works.” – Judith Barath